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Honolulu Vision Care Center is dedicated to eye health and patient care. 


Our patients visit us from all across the Hawaiian islands.


Honolulu Vision Care Center proudly serves Honolulu as we have for over 30 years when we were the Hawaii Kai branch of the Vision Care Centers of Hawaii.  We understand that vision is priceless.  Our Optometrists use sophisticated equipment and skill to examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases and disorders of the eye.  Our local traditions and values also mean that we will exhaust all measures to provide patients with exceptional vision services in a caring environment. 



Our doctors are expertly trained to determine the nature and degree of vision problems and eye diseases.  Our comprehensive eye examinations include various tests to determine visual acuity and perception and to diagnose ocular diseases and other abnormalities, such as glaucoma and dry eyes.  In addition to prescribing eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other vision aids or therapeutic procedures to correct or conserve vision, we offer LASIK consultations and education to determine if surgery is right for you.

Honolulu Vision Care Center
Our Mission

Provide the community with access to the highest quality eyecare.


Our Vision

Improve the quality of life for every patient by continuously providing exceptional eyecare through the use of advanced techniques, technologies, and products in a family-centered environment.


Our Values

  • Compassion

  • Attentiveness

  • Respect

  • Excellence







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